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With over 23 years of legal experience, Attorney Al Mokhtari and our dedicated team specialize in the handling of personal injury claims and general litigation. We are committed to open and honest communication, responsiveness, and aggressively fighting to earn the best outcome for those we serve. 

Personal Injury, Ohio

Practice Areas

At Mokhtari Law Firm, LLC, we provide the following legal services.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

If you have been seriously injured in a car, motorcycle, trucking, or other motor vehicle accident, our team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to protect your rights and hold the responsible parties - as well as the insurance companies - accountable.   

Trip and Fall Injuries

Property owners have a general duty to maintain a safe premises, but the law is particularly complex in this regard. If you have suffered a significant injury due to a slip and fall accident on someone else's property, or an injury due to landlord negligence, we can help you assess liability and seek the appropriate level of compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. 

Workplace Injuries

If you are hurt on the job due to the negligence of someone who is not your employer or coworker, we can seek damages stemming from your injury.  If you are injured on the job, regardless of fault, we can also assist in referring you to a reputable worker's compensation specialist.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one due to someone else's negligence is devastating. Our team understands the catastrophic emotional and financial toll of losing a family member.  There is no true justice for that loss, but we can pursue a wrongful death and injury claim to hold those responsible accountable for what your family and loved one have been forced to endure.

Nursing Home Neglect Injuries

If your loved one has suffered a serious injury due to the neglect of a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, we are here to help you pursue the compensation your loved one deserves.  Without accountability, there will be no change.  Call us, and we'll do what we can to help.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog owners have an obligation to act responsibly, and should be held accountable when their neglect or oversight results in injury.  Compensation for dog bite injuries may include medical expenses, lost wages, serious emotional distress, pain and suffering. 

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Personal Injury Lawyer

About Mokhtari Law Firm, LLC

We understand the intense physical, emotional, and financial toll personal injuries have on real human beings, like you, as well as their families. This is precisely why we are so dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation,  navigating the legal complexities, as well as fighting for the accountability and compensation you deserve. 

With over 23 years of combined legal experience, our team has successfully handled a wide range of serious injury and wrongful death cases throughout Ohio.  We have a deep understanding of the law as well as the practical realities inherent to personal injury claims, both from the defense and injury victim perspective.  As a result, we have a proven track record of obtaining outstanding results. 

Mokhtari Law Firm also sets itself apart due to its unparalleled commitment to personalized attention, compassionate communication, and aggressive legal representation.  Our team is dedicated to building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, taking the time to listen, and understanding the unique challenges they face. By doing so, we are able to develop tailored legal strategies and a results-driven approach that addresses the client's specific needs and goals. 

Operating with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and transparency, our team consistently engages in open and honest communication.  Our team ensures clients are well-informed about the progress of the case, as well as the action plan in moving forward, every step of the way.  

If you have been injured due to some else's negligence and you need a legal "bulldog" to fight for you, we are here to help. Contact MOKHTARI LAW FIRM today to schedule a free, no obligation, consultation.  

Personal Injury Legal Team

Meet the team

At Mokhtari Law Firm, our skilled legal professionals are compassionate and caring individuals who understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges our clients face. We believe in providing personalized attention and support to every client, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met, to the very best of our ability.  We are here for you... all you have to do is call. 

As a firm and for each of our team members, we commit to the following Core Values: 

Empathy Toward Your Struggles

Consistent Client Communication

Honesty, Transparency and Integrity in All That We Do

Providing Top Notch Legal Services

Obtaining Great Results!

Al A. Mokhtari

Al A. Mokhtari

Founder, Member and Attorney

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Attorney Al Mokhtari had the privilege of attending Ohio State University for college, where he majored in Political Science and International Studies. He then earned a law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Al became licensed to practice law in 2000 and has practiced law full-time since then, in a multitude of courts across Ohio. For the first portion of his legal career, Al worked with various large law firms, where he was hired by large Fortune 500 companies and insurance companies to defend against lawsuits throughout Ohio, filed by injury victims. His job was to minimize recoveries and negate claims, as efficiently and effectively as possible. In 2016, Al had an epiphany, realizing that his calling was to represent human beings, not large companies or insurance carriers. As a result, he began using the full measure of his legal education, experience and training to help everyday people, fighting against the corporate giants and insurance companies, to protect the rights of the injured. Since that time, Al has successfully resolved countless personal injury claims and lawsuits. Al’s focus is on open communication, honesty, integrity and aggressive representation, providing exceptional legal service at the time when injury victims and their loved ones need it most.

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

Paralegal and Client Relations Specialist

Hannah Graham has been working alongside Al Mokhtari and serving personal injury victims for over 2 years. Hannah graduated from Marshall University in 2020, where she earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Public Relations and Political Science. When she's not helping clients at the firm, Hannah enjoys cooking, kayaking, watching horror movies, spending time with her beloved golden retriever Moxie, and enjoying time with friends and loved ones.

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